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 Baylife On Planet Earth by Bill Gallagher



   Bay: An inlet of the sea, usually smaller than a gulf, but of the same
  general character. A Harbor. Thunder Bay, Ontario is a city on a bay.
  It shares in common with all humanity, of course, but by virtue of its
  location, a Bay on planet Earth, its residents experience certain realities
  unavailable where a bay is not manifest. As I write this it is 0 degrees
  and snowing in Thunder Bay, which is what one should expect that far
  north at this time of year. There is a lot of snow skiing and ice fishing
  going on I'll bet. Dress warm. For a neat look at some of the fishing near
  Thunder Bay Ontario visit Mahumbas Fishing Page ( Here )
   and blast off from there.
  There are linx. And Monster Pike.

    Thunder Bay is on the north side of Lake Superior, shadowed on the
  south by the large Isle Royale, which is U.S. Park land at the very north
  of the US /Canadian border. Historically, the land is known for mining,
  and the fur trade. Visit
  ( Here )
   to view an excellent history of the Lake Superior region, as well as here
  ( Here ) for a detailed history of Ojibwe Peoples
  of the region. The Native American Tribes have lived in this land a long
  time. Their Spirits echo forward through Art, and there is some of that
  evident at the Thunder Bay Art Gallery ( Here ), a beginning
  facility of communication. Another avenue of historical research is written
  historic documents, of which Canada possesses a true plethora. This
  genealogy link ( Here ) is excellent to get you
  started, and bookmark this next one too, it is the link to the list of
  Library's in Canada. Excellent resource:
  ( Click Here ).

    As for mining, it is still going on, Thunder Bay Ontario is a rock hunters
  paradise. Amethyst and Agate galore, visit CanadianRockhound dot Com,
  ( Click Here )
  and begin your search. Some very rare agate and more up there in Thunder

    While we are near the subject of art, I must mention Mike O'connors site,
  ( Click Here )
  He is creator and principal artist of Mosart Designs Inc, a mural and
  sculpture company doing artwork on a grand scale. Very Nice Mega.
  Some of Mikes work can be seen throughout Thunder Bay, at places like
  Coyotes Nightclub, Global Experience, Thunder Bay Hydro, and Galaxy Bowling.

    Icycling, I mean, BIcycling (Get it? Ice-Cycle??HAHAHA), enjoys some
  popularity in Thunder Bay Ontario, as evidenced by the webpage of the
  Thunder Bay Cycling Club ( Click Here ) hosting the 6th Annual-I'd
  Rather Ride My Bike Than Deer Hunt Cycling Event, once again.
  Makes me wonder if it would ever be feasible, or God forbid efficient, to
  shoot a deer from a bicycle, kind of like a road warrior version of some
  souped-up schwinn. Probably not, but fun to think about, and who ever

    Here are some generic listings chock full of so much information you will be
  amazed, about tourism, Shopping, and local Internet Information action.

  Ontario Tourism Network
  ( Click Here  ).

  Thunderbaynet ( Click Here ).
  Tourism Thunder Bay: ( Click Here )

  Shopping:  ( Click Here )
  Bay Living on Planet Earth.
  Bill Gallagher 11-23-02