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 The Sulphur Springs Water Tower


Suphur Springs Water Tower
 Parcel To Become A Park
 by John Tillman

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  Incase you didn't know, the city of Tampa is planning
 to turn the 13 acre parcel into a wonderful "passive Park".

  Being a native of Tampa I will be very happy to see this
 become a reality. I remember my parents bringing me to the
 Tower Drive In Theater in the 70's to see Bruce Lee Kung
 Fu movies. After the Drive In closed the property has
 remained vacant for years.

  Many thanks to the residents and local activist groups that
 lobbied the city of Tampa to buy the property and develop
 it as a park.

  The city purchased the property in 2002 from the
 McDill Columbus Corp. for $2.85 million after lengthy
 negotiations. $2 million came from Hillsborough County
 through it's Environmental Lands Acquisition and Protection

  When will the park be completed? We will all have to be
 patient. The city still must come up with the addition funds
 to convert the almost 13 acre vacant parcel into a park.
 Plans for the park may be ready for the 2003-04 budget.

  The exact design of the park has not been decided.
 Being a passive park means it will not include recreational
 facilities such as baseball diamonds or basketball courts.

  The passive park on the riverfront will feature a natural
 setting with native plants and a foot trail.

  According to Tom Olson, Horticulturist for the Tampa
 Parks Department, all of the non-native species of plants
 will be removed with indigenous plants to take there rightful
 place along the river.

  The Sulphur Springs Water Tower is located on the banks
 of the Hillsborough River off Interstate 275 and Bird Street
 with Florida Ave on the west.

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 Sulphur Springs Water Tower

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