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    Tampa Florida---First in Total Information Awareness?
by Bill Gallagher

   John Kennedy Junior was once quoted as saying "The Greatest Enemy of
 Truth is Time", and in many instances this is correct, but when dealing with
 groups and secret societys who plan agendas over decades or even centuries,
 the exact opposite of this is true....sometimes time is the friend of truth,
 particularly when seemingly unrelated pieces of what can only be called a
 puzzle fall into place, neatly, and succinctly.

   Such is the case here in Tampa Florida, where the first ever city wide
 surveillance system was deployed by the criminal Dick Greco, starting at or
 around 1996. This was covered up by the fact that facial recog software
 went online in 2001, with great fanfare, but the cams themselves have been
 in ybor and around Tampa almost since the beginning of Grecos reign. Hey
 Dicky you scum bag, why donšt you tell us the REAL reason you resigned from
 your first term as mayor of Tampa?? Hmmmm???

   With Total Information Awareness being born in our national
 government, a super spy network tracking lawful citizens going about their
 lawful business, it is easy to see that Tampas leaders had mucho advance
 notice of all that, and were just getting first in line, as it were. The
 criminal Admiral Poindexters plan of putting the entire country under
 surveillance got its foot in the door at Tampa Florida, and if you read on,
 you will see that Tampa was not only first in this instance, but also first
 in several other nefarious aspects of what can only be called a takeover of
 this country.

   Before and during the drug war, nobody could really understand what was
 going on, because A) the information media was handled by American
 Intelligence Agencies (Project Mockingbird and others) and B) the drug war
 served purposes that were on a secret agenda (Namely, genocide) to which
 only a very few in the world were privy. History shows us that the reason
 Americas streets were flooded with illicit drugs was because the very same
 people who were supposedly fighting this onslaught, were actually
 responsible for it! Bush opium dealings in the Golden Triangle were first
 noted publicly by Ross Perot, and since then have been literally blown wide
 open. There are many who have stated publicly that prescott bush, father of
 george sr., and grandfather of john ellis and george w., is credited for
 introducing the opium poppy to Mexico, where that crime family has had many
 ties since it spirited some of its pet nazis there after the second world
 war. The nazis who ended up in S. America were the ones who could not be
 brought into the United States under Project Paperclip, where known Nazis
 such as Werner Von Braun were given the red carpet treatment, and made into
 national heroes. These paperclipped men and their familys had all their
 personal documents altered so that they appeared "Less" nazi than the really
 hard core sluts of hitlers regime, and the excuse given for their entry was
 that they were rocket scientists who America NEEDED, and Russia WANTED.
 This is a farce, and most of these men had been involved in some form or
 another with the mind control science developed during the human
 experimentation financed by Prescott Bush and other wall street entities, in
 adolphs prison camps. These nazi "Allies" of the bush crime family trained
 many of the intelligence operatives of America, and the documentation from
 Hitlers prison camps, seized by American troops at the end of WW2, actually
 became the founding documents of the CIA. This is why the CIA is not
 allowed to operate within the USA, but seeing as we have already had one
 known director as President of the USA, George Bush Senior, it seems that
 the old addage "Rules were made to be broken" is at least practiced, if not
 acknowledged by the organized crime which has taken over Americas
 Government. Read "Spooks: The Haunting Of America---The Private Use of
 Secret Agents" by Jim Hougan, and also study the history of the scull (ne
 skull) and bones society, much of which is posted at

   What does all this have to do with Tampa Florida? Its coming, its coming.

   Another gift of history shows us that the drug war of the republican
 party has been in the works for a long time, and, as has already been
 stated, the main purpose of the drug war was Genocide, taking care of the
 Negro problem. Martin Luther Kings dream entailed a full scale population
 explosion by blacks, subsidized by government, to create a formidable
 voting machine. This actually occurred. But MLK's dream became a
 nightmare, because he had no conception how devious and cunning his enemy's
 were. The drug war also served the purpose of locking down certain
 pharmaceutical monopolies on most types of drugs, but its main purpose, for
 a third time, was genocide, retaliation against the plan of Martin Luther
 King and his ideas of ascendency for his people.

   The drug war also greatly eroded Americas liberty, and great care was
 taken to program America through fear and its media, concerning the "Threat"
 of illicit drugs, so that many emergency measures were enacted and great
 taxpayer expense ensued. This was very good indeed for they who wished to
 program America away from freedom, and into a rigid structure allowing
 eventual takeover through the economy, control of Americas currency.

 But I progress to quickly.

   To Prove that the drug war agenda was well planned prior to its
 inception, one only needs to research the drug Ibogaine, a natural product
 of the plant Tabernathe Iboga, a sacrament of a tribe (Bwiti) in West
 Africa. This plant, when processed and concentrated, is the most powerful
 anti-addictive in the world. Full Blown Heroin Addicts have been known to
 recover from their addictions, with no withdrawal symptioms or cravings,
 after only ONE dose. 90+% of them in fact. This drug cures nicotine
 addiction, and any other physically addictive drug. And among the Heroin
 addicts who relapsed after using ibogaine, most recovered totally after only
 ONE MORE DOSE. This drug has been researched and known about here in
 America since well before the drug war, and was buried by the CIA and other
 government agencies. Time has shown us that this was simply because
 addictive drugs served too great a purpose as WEAPONRY to be undone by
 another drug, especially, a NATURAL drug, like ibogaine. Read the Manhattan
 Project by Dana Beal. Its all there.
   The drug war was a huge profit machine with a long term goal, the
 takeover of America. Once Americans got used to the cops all over the
 streets, like flys on a pile of manure, it was an easy second step to
 install surveillance "For Public Protection". This will help explain why
 Tampa Florida was at the forefront of surveillance of its citizens, because
 Tampa Florida was also at the forefront of the Drug War.

   When researching certain rehabilitation facilities a stark
 representation manifests itself....a vast majority of those responsible for
 rehab groups such as Straight Inc., ( were from the Tampa
 Bay area. This list of funders and supporters of drug rehabilitation
 reads like an elite list of republican candidates and elected officials, all
 with one thing in common, either residency near or at Tampa Florida, or ties
 directly to people in Tampa Florida. One report in particular shows that
 Floridas present governor is involved in this scheme of moneymaking through
 drug rehab up to his ears, and yes, he is the same governor whose family has
 been covertly importing cocaine and heroin into America for nearly a hundred
 years now! (Read, and Here are a few
 excerpts from, Wes Fagers site, which is a well
 researched and first hand account of his personal dealings with
 holier-than-thou criminals who hide their true agenda behind its OPPOSITE:

   Straight, Inc. grew out of The Seed and Robert DuPont became Straight's
 consultant. Republican businessmen Joseph Zappala and Melvin Sembler who
 were Straight's co-founders gave George Bush, Sr. so much money that he made
 them US ambassadors and even made a TV commercial for Straight. Today Melvin
 Sembler is the finance chairman for George W. Bush's national GOP and his
 wife Betty was Jeb Bush's co-finance chairman. Barbara Bush is hawking a
 film for the Drug Free America Foundation (DFAF), the new name for Straight
 Foundation, Inc., while the DFAF says that George W. Bush is considering its
 recommendations for his own drug policy platform.

   Today Mel Sembler is finance chairman for the national GOP and his wife
 Betty, who is called Ambassadorable by Florida's Governor Jeb Bush, was
 Jeb's finance co-chairman when he ran for governor. After his unsuccessful
 bid for governor of Florida in 1994 Jeb Bush formed the non-profit
 Foundation for Florida's Future which employed two of his campaign aides.
 But a 1998 expose by Florida TV station WJXT on that charity reported that
 only 27% of the raised money actually went to programs with most going to
 administrative salaries for foundation employees. The one shining example
 of the foundation's work that Jeb likes to boast about is the foundation's
 effort to form the Charter School in Miami for underprivileged kids which
 he had established along with black political activist T. Willard Fair,
 President of the Greater Miami Urban League. After winning the 1998
 gubernatorial election, Jeb appointed T. Williard Fair as a co-chairman of
 his inaugural committee. The WJXT report found that only $33,000 or just
 2% of the foundation's raised money went to the Charter School (although
 the foundation did loan it $40,000). The foundation's annual report shows
 that the Sembler Company and the Huizenga Family Foundation both gave
 $5,000 or more to Jeb's foundation [former drug czar and paid Straight
 consultant Robert DuPont sits on the board of Psychemedics, Huizenga's
 follicle drug testing company.] In her continuing efforts to affect the
 nation's drug policy Mrs. Ambassadorable has formed a new tax exempt,
 anti-drug foundation called Save Our Society from Drugs or S.O.S. Prominent
 on its board of directors is none other than T. Williard Fair. Used to be in
 Pinellas County Florida that if you were a young black person with a real
 drug problem you went to Operation PAR, but if you were a white teenager who
 had drunk some beers or experimented with marijuana, or if you had a drug
 problem, you went to Straight. But today Betty Sembler is on the board of
 directors of Operation PAR! [Saint Petersburg Times, 7-14-95, p. 3b]

   The Seed, Straight, Inc.'s predecessor, likened to North Korean
 brainwashing by the US Senate. In 1974 the United States Senate published a
 report that likened the methods of a juvenile drug rehabilitation program in
 Florida called the Seed to the brainwashing methods used by North Koreans on
 American POWs during the Korean War. The Seed was funded by the National
 Institute on Drug Abuse which was directed by Drug Czar Robert DuPont. Mel
 and Betty Sembler had a son in the Saint Petersburg Seed. The Seed closed
 its expansion programs and Mel and Betty, and other Seed parents, opened
 their own Seed - like program which they called Straight, Inc. Former Drug
 Czar Robert DuPont became a paid consultant for Straight, Inc. and Donald
 Ian Macdonald, Straight's national clinical director, became White House
 Drug Czar.

   In 1976 Betty and I helped found STRAIGHT, a non-profit, adolescent drug
 treatment and rehabilitation program with branches across the U.S., which
 successfully treated and graduated more than 12,000 young people nationwide..
 For 17 years, I served as chairman of the board of STRAIGHT. Other than our
 children, nothing was more rewarding than this effort. Betty and I initially
 agreed that if we helped one child it would be worth all the effort. With
 12,000 successful graduates . . . It was a gratifying accomplishment.
 Melvin F. "Buddy" Sembler addressing the Senate's Foreign Relations
 Committee on October 31, 2001 during his nomination hearing for the
 ambassador post to Italy which he had recently bought.

   Straight conducts a program that practices psychological coercion and
 physical assault against children under the guise of drug and alcohol
 treatment. I believe there is reason to fear for the physical and mental
 safety of any child sent to the program.
 Dr. Richard Ofshe, author and thought reform specialist at the University of
 California, Berkeley. Dr. Ofshe received the Pulitzer Prize for his book The
 Light on Synanon, an expose of the cult that started the Straight concept.
 He and Dr. Margaret Singer, Professor Emeritus of Psychology at Berkeley,
 were used as expert witnesses by Ohio officials to close

   Straight, Inc. taking in $95 million treating affluent, white kids for
 addictions many did not have. When Massachusetts authorities closed Straight
 - Boston, they cited Straight for treating a 12 year old girl for drug
 addiction when Straight's own record showed that the only drugs she had used
 was that she had once sniffed a magic marker!

   Straight forked over $220,000 for falsely imprisoning Fred Collins after
 Fred, an honor roll engineering student, had stopped by Straight - St Pete
 to pay his brother a visit. The Straight admissions counselor who ordered
 the detention testified that he made his decision because Fred's eyes were
 red! He also testified that he did not know what THC was! Today Fred Collins
 is a Ph.D. in mathematics. What was Straight treating him for? Do you think
 the police should have the right to arrest you if your eyes are red or if
 your nose is running?

   As a proud American, I find Melvin Sembler, our ambassador to Italy, and his
 wife, Betty, to be profound embarrassments. It is important that their
 advice on the drug war and especially on drug treatment be ignored. Indeed,
 it might be best if Italians listened to what this powerful couple had to
 say about drugs - and then followed policies in precisely the opposite
 Arnold Trebach, Professor Emeritus of Law at American University.

   Straight is not a health care organization. It is a business posing as a
 health care organization and as a result hundreds of kids have been hurt.
 All of the business operations consist of fraud, double and triple billing
 of health insurance companies at the same time and they bill government
 grants while telling parents they are not the recipients of any kinds of
 government money.
 Janet Kennedy, Ph.D. Pharmacy, MS, Hospital Administration, of Austin, Texas
 after a private, three year investigation of Straight. [Channel 12, Eye on
 Tampa Bay Show, 1992]

   All of the evidence on Marvin Sembler (The Bay Area Founder of Straight,
 Inc.) indicates that his name should be Marvin DIS-Sembler, and that he
 engineered a profit machine whereby mind control techniques were polished
 even further, and elite republican legislators could reap the reward of a
 "Designer War". All the while readying The bay area and America for a new
 police state founded on fear and lies.
 To wrap up this installment of Surv Tampa, review below a message just
 received by me today (123102), from a friend in the UK. The same UK America
 split away from so long ago, the same UK who vowed to get us back through
 control of our currency (A more perfect Union), The VERY SAME UK who
 controls our federal reserve:

  ... Bloody surveillance cameras everywhere here! Every town centre,
 every shopping centre (mall), every large shop, carpark, block of flats, lift
 (elevator), railway station, all along main roads... and speed cameras and
 now new technology that can read your car's registration and feed the info
 straight into a computer, coming into use in London now. This is supposed
 to be for 'congestion charging' of traffic but already the police are admitting
 to use it to identify 'suspects' - I have also seen electronic surveillance
 equipment demonstrated that scans faces it picks up on its surveillance
 input and compares them to a database for wanted criminals. This is not
 paranoia or science fiction but everyday reality... Can't get away from them...
 but if YOU try to take photos of THEM (at a crime scene) not in any way an
 offence that I know of... see attached...

 Pictures of law enforcement phycically assaulting photographers by blocking
 camera view with hands and jostling them.


 Next: Technological Aspects of Covert and Overt Surveillance and some
 measures to defeat them.

by Bill Gallagher

 Opinions expressed are that of the author and do not necessarily
 reflect the opinions of TBay or it's staff.