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    Welcome. The purpose of this area within is to highlight
 surveillance used by various agencys within Tampa and surrounding
 areas, for various reasons and to various ends. This is good information
 for everyone to know, and we invite reader participation. Send us a
 picture of a surveillance device being used in Tampa (Outside of Ybor,
 which is just one big TV show---we know all about Ybor), name the
 address and give a reason you think its there. We will send you an
 authentic ancient Roman Coin for your trouble
. Its money, OLD money,
 and it can be resold to a collector or kept as part of your collection.
 Not an offer you get everyday, and worth thinking about for that reason
    The reason we are doing this is because we believe that in a free
 market, surveillance of this type is unnecessary. This is nothing like a
 free market, in spite of what all the rulers say, and we aim to prove that.
 It shouldn't be hard. Unfair advantage is gained illegally EVERYWHERE,
 by usurping citizens' rights to privacy, and now the surveillance society
 has even evolved into a type of "Prison" industry, with law enforcement
 and special interests targeting neighborhoods, blocks, even individuals,
 to make them "toe the line", conform to the way property should behave.
    We say nix to all that, and most of all we want this to put a severe
 roadblock in certain peoples plans, so give us a help, and get a free
 Roman coin from around 400AD. Youšll be doing your community a favor
 too. Time to stand up to the silly little people who want to make
 themselves your God..
    The links below are pictures of surveillance devices we have, eh-heh,
 already done surveillance on. The address of each is posted below the
 link, or incorporated into the picture when possible.
 by Bill Gallagher at  

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 Intersection of Waters & Dale Mabry

 Linebaugh & Dale Mabry

 Stall &  Dale Mabry
 Erlich & Dale Mabry